Who me, run?

I’m not a runner, I am a swimmer and a martial artist.

Yes, those who know me know that I was on my track and field team in high school. I only ran enough to complete an 8-minute mile once each year. That was our coach’s requirement before anyone could start practicing their field events. I probably even cheated on those runs when the time came too.

I am a swimmer. I love being in the water, but since graduating college (many years ago) I don’t have the time or the resources to swim. I certainly need a coach to focus my training too.

I am a martial artist. I am close to receiving my black belt. That is, if I had the time to make it too my classes. If my job didn’t get in the way of my classes, I probably would be working towards my second degree black belt. I compete, but usually every other year due to the aforementioned job. I have received a bronze and a silver in national championships, but the gold has eluded me. I hope that next year I will be able to compete at nationals again and come home with a gold medal.

I am not a runner. Have I made that clear yet?

I have however, registered for my first half marathon. I have apparently lost my grip on reality. Or my love of the Mouse has forced me into doing something I would have never considered before.

I have registered for Disney’s Princess Half Marathon. I will be running with a bunch of other Disney fanatics next March in my first (and possible my last) half marathon.

What was I thinking?

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1 Response to Who me, run?

  1. Dandylioness says:

    oh Meg. What do I say here… a half marathon!? YEAH! YOU GO GIRL!! **jumping up & down doing my best cheerleader – can't hit a single pose, let along do a cow – imitation** As you can see I got your blog e-mail, and I'm thrilled to be the first to post! I love you. and for getting you to run, I am ofically stating, on record that I love the mouse. Oh Mickey, you are SO fine! HAHA


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