Getting workouts in

So it looks like my biggest challenge in preparing for the marathon will be finding time to get workouts in.

I took a nice long walk on Sunday. 2.62 miles according to my pedometer. Not great, but at least I was moving. Of course yesterday I worked 10+ hours and didn’t get home until after 8. (I did complete 17 cases at work though). After preparing and eating dinner, I didn’t have the time to hop on the treadmill. I desparately need to find a new job that allows me time for myself. It sucks because I enjoy what I do, but I need to have an employer who understands work/life balance.

Tonight I plan on going to my tae kwon do class. After that I may get some more walking in. Dinner is essentially prepared so hopefully that won’t take too much time so I can hop on the treadmill for a little while.

Well, my fluffball of love just jumped up and is beggin for attention (showing me her broken fluffy belly), so I need to pay attention to her before I head to work.

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