Making time

Wow! I thought this post was lost due to my STUPID computer, but yay for blogspot!

It takes a lot to get off the couch after having worked 10+ hours. I get home and all I want to do is relax.

Two days ago I got on the treadmill and walk/ran 1.5 miles. Technically I think it was 1.56 miles. Only 3 minutes of that was running. It was a solid 3 minutes though! I was really huffing and puffing by the time I got through that section. I was in pain by the time I was done. I think I was also being punished for starting my workout at 10 pm.

Yesterday I wasn’t able to get a workout in. I’m interviewing for a new position at work and it was a 3-part interview. In person yesterday with a test to complete by this morning then a panel interview this morning too. At least I was able to take the test portion home. But I worked on that instead of running.

Tonight I started a training program. Well, I restarted a training program. I ran W2D1 (week 2 day1) of C25K (Couch to 5K). I got the program from Cool Running. As long as I don’t look too far ahead in the program, I am confident that I will be prepared for a 5k in a few weeks.

I do wonder why it is that my calves get so sore when I use the treadmill. Do other people have problems with that. When I did my long walk on Sunday, my calves didn’t feel sore at all. When ever I use the treadmill though, my calves get sore and crampy. I make sure that I stretch and even start to make sure that I do a soleus stretch, it doesn’t really help on the treadmill though. I’m trying to make sure I stretch more, but anyone who could point me in the right direction to help ease the pain from the treadmill will be very loved.

On another note, everyone keep their fingers crossed that my best friend joins me in my new endeavor. My number one choice would be to have her run with me in Disney World. After that, having her there to support me would be second best. Third would be her and her mom running a half on their own back home while I run in Disney. I’ll see if I can convince her for #1.

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