Joining a team

I’ve been very active on the Disboards. It is my all-inclusive Disney planning website. I became friendly with some people on the wedding boards (a girl can dream, right?). One of them is somewhat local to me and she guided me over the to Wish boards. The Wish boards is part of the Disboards where Dis-ers get together to motivate each other to keep up with there health and fitness goals. They are great and very supportive, even to a newbie like me.

Last night I just asked one of the moderators to assign me to a team. I am now a member of Team Super Goofs. Hehehe! I’m not really sure what the team will involve, but it will be nice to get to know a smaller group of people that will help to keep me motivated.


I did get some runs in this week. So far a total of 3.2 miles in 1 hour. I will get more time in tonight though. I actually felt better with my running last night after I started with a longer warm up.

I’ve also decided to do two things to help me with my training:

1. Keep a notebook next to the treadmill to help me write down each workout

2. Get some new shorts specifically for running. Something that doesn’t ride up. Oh, and later a running skirt so I can be princess-like for the race (thanks for the idea Lys!)

okay, and #3 – I want to get myself one of the Garmin pedometer thingies. I think it is a Garmin 250. I’m going to search ebay for one of those again soon. Shorts and notebook first though!

This morning was difficult with trying to do my web-surfing. The furball kept hopping up next to me. Instead of her usual snuggling next to me, she decided that snuggling on me with my hands locked down on the keyboard was appropriate today. You gotta love her!

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