Nike Plus

Yay! I finally bugged my boyfriend enough about wanting something to help me train that he bought a Nike plus system and the arm band for me. Of course, that is only as good as the iPod that it is attached to, and since my iPod is one of the older 30gb video iPods, it doesn’t work. So he also got me a refurbed Nano 3rd gen. Not bad since it is half the price of the ones that just came out a few weeks ago. According to Fed ex, it is out for delivery today. I should be using it in my training by this weekend.

Last night I walk/ran 2 miles in 37:18. Not too bad, but certainly not the pace that I need to be at for the marathon, but an improvement nonetheless. I was working on W2D2 of CT5K. I added a few extra minutes of warm-up walking at the beginning because it seems to loosen me up a little bit better.

I hope it doesn’t rain too much this weekend because I want to get a workout or two outside. It get soooo boring on the treadmill all the time.

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