Getting ready for the half now…sort of…

So I’ve completed the Phoenixville 5k, and the Sunday before Thanksgiving I joined over 18,000 people for the running for the Philadelphia Marathon. I didn’t run the marathon or the half marathon, but I took part in the Rothman 8K.

I had a goal of completing the 8k in under 1:15. The two weeks before the race I found myself working too hard and too late to be able to fit any workouts into my schedule. I was excited still about getting to the race even without the training.

Friday, November 21, I took the day off to go to a friend’s wedding. I took advantage of the day and went to the convention center to pick up my bib and run around the expo. I grabbed lots of information about other races and local groups so I could find people to train with.

Sunday November 23, I woke up at 5:30 and started getting ready. I also woke up my sweetie as soon as I was dressed and we were out the door before 6:30. The drive was nice and quick and I parked in a garage near the starting line. I was bundled up. I had two pairs of pants on, a warm compression shirt, fleece vest, and sweat shirt. I also had gloves and a hat. I didn’t put the hat on right away since I was afraid that it would make me itchy. Once I put it on I was much warmer though.

The race started a little bit late and they started the marathon and half marathon in 3 waves. Then they started the 8k. I jogged a little at the beginning and then found a walker who I joined for most of the first mile. We went down the Ben Franklin Parkway towards City Hall, around Logan Square and back up towards the Art Museum. After completing the first mile, I decided to run portions of the race.

Through out the whole race, I made sure that there was always at least a few people behind me. I spent the rest of the race alternating walking and running. I would run until I caught up with a group and then walk with them for a little while. If I wasn’t running to catch up to a group, I would pick two points on the course and challenge myself to run between each of those points.

After passing the Art Museum, the course went northwest on Kelly Drive almost to East Falls before turning back towards the Art Museum again. I knew I was getting close to the finish when I reached Boat House Row. I tried to reach my boyfriend to let him know that I would be at the finish line in about 15 minutes.

At the end, I finished in 1:15:50. Close enough to my goal time that I was happy with the results, especially since I hadn’t trained at all.

Now I’m on to training for the all important half marathon…

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