In training for the Philadelphia Distance Run

So I’ve got a lot to update with my training. I don’t know how much I’ll get to tonight though.

First off, I ran the Race for the cure on Mother’s Day here in Philadelphia. I went with my friend M. We have done this race together three time in the past four years. Last year was with my mother and my step father too. This year we had set our goal for 30 minutes, but with the amount of time both of us had to spend at work in the weeks prior to the race, we started the race realizing this wasn’t likely to happen.

I had been training with Couch to 5K and had gotten up to week 5. That has me up to 5 minute run/3 minute walk for 21 minutes. I figured I could maintain that for the duration of the race. I told M and she agreed to give it a shot. Unfortunately, she runs faster than me. I was content to jog at my own pace, but she was running faster then me and weaving in and out of the other runners. That isn’t my style. I don’t want to waste energy running around people. I would only run around people if they were walking. Well, needless to say, after only 2 cylces of R5W3 with her I was worn out. We walked most of the rest of the race (which for her is a 4mph or faster pace) and split up near the end to finish at our own pace.

I finished in 45 minutes according to my Nike+ which would make it my fastest 5K recorded by my Nike+. I guess my official time would be slightly less than 45 minutes. For some reason, the system records longer distances on a treadmill but shorter distances on measured courses. I plan on recalibrating it the next time I am at the track.

My next update will address my training since the Race for the Cure…

Happy running!

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2 Responses to In training for the Philadelphia Distance Run

  1. Amanda says:

    Congrats on the fastest 5K – that's awesome. Can't wait to hear more about how it's been going for you.


  2. Rae! says:

    That's great!!!! Just getting out there is what counts!!!!


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