Its been a tough week

I haven’t been able to exercise nearly as much as I want to in the last week. My Grandma is sick and she was put on hospice care on Sunday. I intended on getting a run in on Sunday morning, but it didn’t happen. Hopefully I’ll get some exercise tonight, even if it is just yoga or pilates at home.

My niece is with me. Originally my mom was supposed to drive down on Thursday with her, but since I went home to spend time with Grandma it made more sense to bring her back with me. Our trip to Disney is still planned for Saturday and Grandma was talking about how much fun she had during our Princess half trip. She told my niece how much fun she is going to have during her trip. I’m going to switch my mobile updates to my Disney blog before I leave so you can follow me over there if you’re interested.

I had my Team in Training Kick Off party last week. I’ll try to update tonight with details from that. I will miss at least the first week of training with the team because of my Disney trip, but I plan on attempting a run in the Florida heat on Sunday morning. I’ll let everyone know how that goes!

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1 Response to Its been a tough week

  1. Amanda says:

    I hope your grandmother is doing better. Lots of Pixie Dust for you and the family.


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