Got a run in today!

I got home early enough to get a run in today. My Team in Training schedule suggested 0-3 miles for those of us training for the WDW Marathon. My goal was 3 miles, but since I ended up working out at home, I used my Podcasts for Running C25K for week 5. That gave me a 5 minute warm up and then alternated 5 minutes runs with 3 minute walks. That was close to what I really wanted to do with 6 min run/4 min walks. I need to get myself a new Timex Ironman watch so that I can actually see the screen and set the interval timer.

I also checked the price for rooms at the Race for the Taste. A room at All Star Sports for 3 nights with my AP discount is around $230. Now I just need to get my boyfriend to agree to it. His brother’s birthday is the same weekend so I was trying to convince him to take this trip before Disney announced that this was the last year for the Race. I guess I’ll be checking for plane tickets too!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a 4 mile run for me. I may do that at the gym so that I can use the timer on the treadmill until I got my new watch. I’ll post again after that run!

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