So it’s been a little while…

I’m still training, but I also find myself stuck at work many nights. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

I successfully completed the Philadelphia Distance Run. I finished 8 minutes faster than my previous half marathon which I consider a great accomplishment. I was still hoping for a faster time overall, but any improvement makes me happy.

This past Saturday was a tough day of training. I didn’t get nearly as much sleep as I needed (stayed up too late and the Princess kitty woke me up too early). I also am still recovering from the cold and I haven’t been getting in as many miles as I should be during the week.

I got to Valley Green early and found the team. I was able to get some stretching in and talk to some of the team members.

We followed the riding trail along the river past Valley Green Inn which was being set up for a wedding. We had a water stop there. I caught up with my teammate, Stormie, and we did run/walk intervals together for the next several miles. She is also running in Disney for the the half marathon.

Around mile 7, (when I was really struggling) one of the walker caught up with me and convinced me to follow her intervals. I would walk with her and run when she was ready. Around mile 8, one of the walk coaches came back and she helped me finish the course. I talked to her about switching to the walk/run approach.

My biggest concern with doing a full martathon, especially at Disney, is not meeting the pacing requirements. At Disney, you must maintain a 16 mile per minute pace or risk being swept (picked up by the party bus). While I have finished 2 half marathons and maintained that pace, I am not sure if I can keep up with it for twice the distance.

So starting with my next long run, I will be working with Linda to see if we can get me moving faster while running less and maintaining a consistence pace throughout. I will be completing 14 mile this week!

I also made it back to my karate classes finally! I went to two classes this week and I am really surprised how much my body remembers. I may not remember my forms very well, but I do remember my techniques. It was very nice to feel so missed and welcome back at the school. I really want to finally get my black belt!

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