Life gets in the way of so many things!

I truely hate it when life (ie, work) gets in the way of the things that I really want to do. Thankfully for the past 3 weeks I’ve been able to get my exercise time in, but I haven’t been able to find time to blog. I’ll try to update everyone though.

Here’s a picture of me at the end of my last race:

I had a great time at the Philadelphia Distance Run and I’m already signed up for next year!

So, in the past 3 weeks I did 8 miles in the freezing cold, pouring rain, 10.6 miles on a cool and sunny day in Valley Forge and 8 miles in a misty, drizzly day in Valley Green. I really love the areas that we use for our group runs for Team in Training.

One major decision that I made this week was to switch from the full to the half marathon. It took a lot of soul searching and some discussions with my coaches but I realize at this point in my training weight loss, it makes more sense to me to focus on improving my half time and aiming for a PR in Disney. I do feel a little bit guilty since I have been fundraising and telling people that I will be competing in my first marathon. I figure most people will still be impressed with 13.1 miles though.

A few other things I’ve realized with training:

1) As much as I love snacking on Twizzlers during the day at work, they do not agree with me when I am running. They are usually at our water stops during training and I grabbed some during a group run. My stomach was hurting as soon as I started running again.

2) Pretzles are GOOD. At least in the middle of a long run. I don’t usually snack on pretzles, but they seem to hit the spot after having gone 6-7 miles.

3) Finally, all sports drinks are not vile and disgusting. Apparently, my body has learned to accept when it needs the stuff that a sports drink can provide. I still try to avoid the drinks that have red dye in them so that I don’t get sick, but the yellow stuff is acceptable. My favorite is Powerade’s Artic Blast (or something like that).

I have made it to my tae kwon do classes too and today one of the 2nd degree black belts started teaching me my black belt form! Yay! I will earn my black belt one of these days!

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1 Response to Life gets in the way of so many things!

  1. Amanda says:

    You shouldn't feel bad for switching to the half marathon. It's smart to listen to your mind and body and know what is right for you. There's no shame in doing a half marathon now and shooting for the full marathon later.

    Congrats on the runs and race – sounds like you are in great shape for that PR in Jan :)!


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