Feeling good after yesterday’s run!

Yesterday was a great day at Kelly Drive. It was a bit chilly at the start, but it was sunny and clear. I felt really sluggish at the beginning and my ankles and calves were tight. My legs didn’t feel good until after the first two miles. I have to remember to get a good warm up before the race. I also have to be careful about what I eat the day or two before the race. I had leftovers from Friday’s happy hour for dinner on Saturday. Fatty, fried food and a long run are not a good combination. I have to stick to pasta and other healthy food and avoid the fats in the future.

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One Response to Feeling good after yesterday’s run!

  1. Amanda says:

    Yes, it is important what you eat before a long run and/or race. I've done the same thing as you and I know my running suffers when I do it.

    Glad you got a run in and that you started feeling better after a couple of miles.

    Keep going!


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