Princess Half Marathon 2010

My friend Kirsty drove in on Saturday afternoon to do the race with me. She stayed with me so that she didn’t have to get up early and drive 90 minutes before the race.

We got up a little bit before 3 to get ready. Our plan was to walk over to the buses by 3:30. After waiting so long for the race in January, neither of us wanted to be waiting outside for too long. Once we were ready, we made our way to the buses only to find a long line. It turns out that we were sharing a bus with the Old Key West Resort. Once a bus got to Saratoga Springs it was already at least half full so only about 20 people were getting onto each bus. Thankfully, we only needed to wait for about 3 buses before we were on our way.

I snapped a few pictures of us on the bus, effectively blinding us for a few minutes.  Here is the good one!

When we got to the Epcot parking lot and walked over towards the W tent to meet our WISH buddies, but they had already made their way to the corrals.  I gave my friend Mel a call to find out where she was (still on World Drive in traffic) so we waited for a few minute and then decided to get in line for the bag check. 

After getting through bag check, we saw that the porta potties near the tents did not have long lines so we stopped to use them.  I then got a call from Mel.  She had made it there and passed us while we were waiting in the line.  We found her over near the old trams.  If you haven’t seen these trams, they are some of the old cars from the Backlot Tour.  I don’t know how long they’ve been there, but they are certainly rusty and not in the best shape.

Once we found Mel, we made our way to the corrals with another stop at the porta potties.  We saw some of Mel’s other friends who were doing the race (people I actually follow on Twitter even though I had never met them in person).  They were in different corrals though so we went our separate ways.

We were in Corral C.  It was so much nicer to be in the middle of the pack instead of in the last corral like I was in January.  It was also nice to know that if anything went wrong I had at least a 14 minute buffer between myself and sweepers.  We inched as far forward as we could and waited.  They had the wheelchairs go off and then Corrals A and B started with fireworks for each corral.  Then it was our turn!

I wish I had gotten a better picture, but I was just happy to have fireworks.  Kirsty started her Garmin and I started my Nike+ when we crossed the Start line.  Kirsty is a much faster runner than I am and she was planning on doing the race with me to help me break 3:15.  She was keeping track of our pace on her Garmin to try to keep me on track.

The first mile felt like it went by really fast.  Just as we were about to hit the mile marker, we heard the guns go off for the last corral.  The race was really on now!  This course was the same as the January race and after mile one we made our way onto World Drive.  We could hear the pirates theme and not too far down the road we saw their ship!

Yet another bad picture:

We were doing really good on our pace and my legs were finally starting to warm up.  We were all still bundled up though.  I can’t remember where I tossed my poncho, but I was keeping my jacket on to keep warm.  After a few more minutes, we saw this:

I was so happy to see this site!  And this picture actually came out good!

I was really hoping to see the Japanese drummers.  They had been out in the 2009 Princess, but in January, they weren’t there.  Before we made it to the Ticket and Transportation Center, there they were!

After seeing them, we started looking for Mel’s husband and daughter who we found right at the TTC.  We waved hi to them but since the baby was sleeping, we kept moving!

Up next, we enter the Magic Kingdom!

(sorry this is not my best writing!  I’ll try to be more entertaining going over the rest of the race!)

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1 Response to Princess Half Marathon 2010

  1. Amanda says:

    Awesome. Wish I could have been there.


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