6 miles on Kelly Drive.

We had week 4 of our Broad Street training this morning. I am so excited to have a teammate who is the same pace as me. She did the Philly tri last year and has said the she’s worried about doing 10 miles. She did a 10k as part of the tri.

I don’t know my exact time, but I’m pretty sure that it was my fastest 6 miles yet. I will need to recalibrate my Nike+ this week since it didn’t show the full 6 miles. I do know that about the time that a coach came back to us we had a half mile to go and her Garmin said she’d been running for 1:09. I know I can do a half mile in well less than 21 minutes!

I’ll be back soon to finish my race report!

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2 Responses to 6 miles on Kelly Drive.

  1. Amanda says:

    Great job…Sounds like your training is going really well!


  2. 雅芳 says:

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