8 miles

Yup, we’re already up to 8 miles!  The race is only 4 weeks away!

Yesterday we did 8 miles in Valley Forge. Because the Broad Street Run is kept to a strict 15 minute per mile pace, the coaches timed us for the first 4 miles.  In addition to that, me and my training partner were pushing ourselves a little more than we have been.  For the first 4 miles, we maintained a run 3, walk 7 pace.  We discussed changing that up to a run 3 walk 6 pace.  It was something that we planned on working on during the week so that we could try it for our next long run.

We were right on pace for our first 4 miles.  For the next 3 miles, we switched our intervals to 3:30 run/6:30 walk.  I think that was good for us too.  We really need to train like this more.  I think for both of us, the first couple intervals were really good, but after that, it was harder for us to keep the longer running time.  I also think that our walking was slowing down because of the longer running interval.  If we switch to the 3/6 intervals, I think we may be able to get faster and build up our endurance.

We are also planning on getting together during the week.  We’ll probably meet halfway, but we’ll determine that later this week.  I’ll update during the week on any runs that we get in together.

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1 Response to 8 miles

  1. Amanda says:

    Great job getting 8 miles in. Sounds like you're really picking up your pace and building a good strong running base! Keep it up!


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