June, wow!

Yup!  It’s June already.  I’ll try to get out to the track or run around the school near me tonight.  Another TNT practice for me this Saturday too.  We’ll be at Valley Forge doing 45 minutes.  I think.  And hills too.  Definitely hills.  I think. 

Well, probably hills because I’m sure they want to get the people who are doing the Nike Women’s race in shape.  I’m still thinking about doing that race.  We’ll have to see what my finances are like when I need to register for it (through TNT since I know that the race is already sold out to the public).

I desparately need to focus on overall fitness too and not just running/walking.  I need to lose weight and I know that will help me with all of the other events that I plan to take part in.  I’ll start blogging more about that too…  I think.

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3 Responses to June, wow!

  1. Amanda says:

    You're funny…Lots of I thinks in there. Like you I need to work on total fitness, weight loss, etc…I think :).

    Hope you got that run in and you have a great run this weekend.


  2. Tim says:

    Sounds like there might be a lot of good and exciting things coming in the future! And maybe blog posts, definitely blog posts. I think. :p


  3. Dandylioness says:

    Tim has me rollin' with laughter at the moment, he kind of took the words out of my mouth! Definately out of my mouth. I think.


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