Virtual Race This Weekend

My Twitter friend and fellow TNT mentor Courtney (@runcourtrun) is hosting a virtual race this weekend.  Everyone who is participating has made a donation to TNT as she trains for the Nike Women’s Marathon (marathon?  Really, Court?  Awesome!).  People are either doing a 5K or a 10K and giving her their times. 

Based on my training schedule for the week, I’m doing a 5K.  I don’t expect to win any prizes, but participating in virtual races is always a fun way to share the running love.  This will be the second one that I will “officially” take part in.  My first was with the WISH group from the Disboards when we did our Turkey Trot Virtual 10K.

I wonder if the other participants will have to run the hills like I will be running in Valley Forge this weekend… (I know in my last post I hinted at some uncertainty in my last post, but I am 99% certain that we will be running the hills instead of running the river trail).  I’ll post my results here, but head over to Courtney’s blog to see how everyone else is doing and to read about her training.  Her blog is updated much more frequently than mine is, and it’s lots of fun to read.  And she’s a Disney fan just like the rest of us!

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3 Responses to Virtual Race This Weekend

  1. Hope you have a great run this weekend! There are NO hills where I'll be running in South Florida, and I am THANKFUL for that =)


  2. Amanda says:

    Hope your run went well!!!


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