Philly Triathlon

Last weekend I volunteered with TNT at the Philly Tri.  I had lots of fun, but the race was pretty low key.  Unfortunately during the sprint event on Saturday, a swimmer never made it out of the water.  At the time that we were meeting with the race officials to head to the bottle exchange, they had officially announced it and had also officially changed the race to a duathlon.  That did make it tougher for some people because it was a really hot day.

We worked the bottle exchange.  I had never done that before so I was nervous about the process of handing off the bottles to the bikers.  After a few dropped bottles I figured out the procedure.  (Hand-eye coordination, not my strongest attribute, but somewhere between 5-10 bottles in row dropped, managed to get most of them in the hands of the bikers.) 

I was really inspired by the athletes though.  I will do a triathlon in the future.  I already planned on doing one with TNT so I could get my Triple Crown, but now I’m thinking I might get involved in more than just that one.  What do you think?  I am already a strong swimmer (technically, but I am out of shape – something that just takes exercise) and I know I can do a 10K walk/run.  The biking part has me scared, but I think in the next few weeks I will start riding my bike to work.  It shouldn’t be too bad since it is a fairly flat route.  I might just wait til the temperature is below 95 degrees before I start…

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1 Response to Philly Triathlon

  1. Amanda says:

    I think if it is something you WANT to do and are EXCITED to do then you should go for it…It'll add more variety to your workouts and all disciplines will benefit from the strength you'll gain.


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