It’s HOT!

Did you know that?  It is really hot in the Northeast.  Really, surface of the sun hot!  So hot that you just want to lay on a float in the pool (hoping that someone flips you over) hot.

One advantage that I have in this heat is that I have my membership to Ballys.  And my Ballys has an indoor track.  So yesterday when Philly was hitting records highs, I was able to get in my 45 minute run.  I felt good about it too.  I even brought my bathing suit with me so that I could head back to the gym tonight and maybe swim 1000 yards.  I need to do SOMETHING to get myself in shape by the time that the winter TNT season starts. 

I did try something a little bit different with my run last night.  My first 25 minutes I followed the C25K program (Week 4) and for my last 20 minutes, I did walk/run intervals.  BUT within my runs, I actually did run intervals.  I was reminded of it when I saw a guy at the gym doing intervals before I started (yes GUY, I saw you!  The signs at the gym say NO SPRINTING on the track.  And what you were doing came pretty darn close to that!)

But I digress… My run intervals were somethign similar to what I did in high school: sprint the straightaways/jog the corners.  I know, I just chastised the guy at the gym for sprinting.  Take note though, my sprinting is nothing like the sprinting that the gym would have problems with.  My sprinting is about the speed of my goal running speed.  If I could maintain that speed for 13.1 miles (or *gasp* 26.2 miles), I would be in excellent shape for finishing at a decent time.

I think I’ll try to do that more often!

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3 Responses to It’s HOT!

  1. Jenna Renee says:

    Saw your blog on Run, Courtney, Run and came to check it out! I am your newest follower!


  2. Megan says:

    Thanks for joining me Jenna! I hope to keep you entertained.


  3. Amanda says:

    Awesome – great job getting that run in even though outdoors running would have been too brutal. Keep it up and you're going to kill the fall season :)!


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