My Running Goals for 2011

I have to admit that I haven’t been running much (at all) since the Marathon.  I really want to get out there and run more but my heart isn’t really in it.  I’m heading back to WDW on Sunday to take part in the Princess Half Marathon the following Sunday.  I’m not registered for anything after that until the Savannah RnR Half in November.  I thought I put down my goals for the rest of the year in writing to see how much I can actually accomplish.

Run…  actually run an entire 5K.  I think I’ll do the Race for the Cure again this year. (I should probably look up the date…  Okay, it’s May 8, 2011).  That doesn’t give me a lot of time to get up to running the whole thing, but spring is coming and the days are getting longer so I may get out of the office while it is still daylight.  If I can’t run the entire 5K during that race, then I will sign up for another one.

Complete the Coast to Coast Challenge.  I will hopefully be signing up for the Disneyland Half Marathon soon.  I’ve been keeping my eye on the registration level and I will be signing by the Princess expo, if not sooner if the registration levels jump significantly.  I will also have a free Southwest Air flight after this next trip to WDW so I will be using that to get out there.  I’m not sure yet where I will be staying, but I’m working on that too.

Run the Wine & Dine half marathon.  With a better time then last year.  That shouldn’t be too difficult since it was my worst half time ever, but I still plan on being well trained for that one.

Train for the WDW 2012 Half Marathon.  I haven’t completely ruled out the idea of a the Goofy Challenge, but since registration hasn’t opened yet. I don’t need to address it right now.

Complete a 5K in less than my age. Yup, I said it.  I won’t say my age, but I will say that if I accomplish this goal, it will be my fastest 5K ever.  EVER.

My non-running goals include:

Biking to work.  There is a nice bike/jogging trail that basically goes from my house to my office.  I plan on taking advantage of it and riding my bike to the office.  My boyfriend rode his bike most days last year, so I will be able to join him for the first half of his ride.  I just need to get a tune up for my bike…

Practice pilates.  I love pilates.  I loved pilates before pilates was popular.  I have VHS and DVD workouts that I can do at home and there is a class offered at my gym.  I have plenty of opportunities available, I just need to take advantage of them.

Lift weights.  Well, duh.  If I can build up my lean muscle then I can increase my overall fitness and health.

Watch what I eat.  I signed up for Weight Watchers, but I haven’t even stepped on the scale since I signed up.  And I already fell off the wagon last week.  It was hectic, really hectic, at work and I found myself eating more junk than I had been the previous weeks.  I will make an effort to stick the the plan!

So what do you think about my goals.  I’ll probably add more in future posts as I meet these goals, or as I think of new ones.  I’ll definitely be revisiting this post throughout the year though!

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3 Responses to My Running Goals for 2011

  1. Disney_Casey says:

    I like your goals, I think they are good ones. I have some of them on mine.


  2. Amanda says:

    I have some of those goals as well…You have some great things listed there.

    I'll be out at Disneyland again this year too…It's a fun course and the Coast to Coast medal is pretty awesome :)!


  3. mrc says:

    I'll join you in the Race for the Cure – running the whole way (and finishing in under 30).


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