Quiet Weekend for me!

Well, at least on the fitness front.  I worked late on Friday at the office and I was at the store on Saturday before driving to Baltimore to visit my friends for the night.  I can’t say that I made the best food and drink choices for myself, but at least I had fun and I’m back on track now.  I also worked at the store on Sunday night.  Monday was not the best day for me, so I took it easy last night.  I’m working again tonight, so tomorrow I will be back on track and I plan on heading to the gym so I can resume C25K.  I’m on week 5 I think?  (yay for the app for keeping track of these things!)

Tomorrow will be my first Workout Wednesday post!

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1 Response to Quiet Weekend for me!

  1. Amanda says:

    Sometimes it feels good to live and not think about things – I know that happens to me sometimes.

    Get back on track and good luck with the next workout.


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