Super Seven

Since I didn’t get called into work yesterday, I was able to get out for a 7 mile run with Rachel.  As I was laying there in bed, I was trying to come up with excuses to not head out for the run, but I sucked it up and gave Rachel a call to let her know I was free.  She was so excited that I couldn’t let her down.

We met over at Valley Forge and headed across the river to stay on the flat River trail.  Rachel is training again for the Broad Street Run and, while training on hills would make both of us stronger, Broad Street is a mostly flat/downhill course so it made sense to stay on the flat trail.  This was also going to be my longest run with the Vibrams on and Rachel had just purchased a new pair for herself the day before.

We started around 11:30 which sounds late, but it was still pretty cold outside so it didn’t bother us that much.  Once we walked over to the river trail, we set out to run and we ran the whole first mile.  It wasn’t fast, but we were running.  After finishing the first mile, we took a walk break for about 1/4 mile and then ran for about 1 1/4 mile.  We kept up approximately the same rate, not sticking to a time interval.  There were a few times when I wanted to take a break and Rachel encouraged me to keep going.

It was awesome to get out there and run with her again.  It’s been way too long.  We have plans to get out there and run again next weekend.  Eight miles this time.  In the meantime, this week I will be continuing C25K during the week.  Tonight I hope to throw in a Pilates and/or Yoga workout at home.  We’ll see what is on Exercise TV on On Demand when I get home!

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2 Responses to Super Seven

  1. Amanda says:

    That's an awesome run! Are you liking your VFFs? My friend loves hers, but she hasn't gone over a couple of miles in them yet…


  2. Megan says:

    I do realize that if I plan on using these for road races then I need to run on the road more. The trails are a different type of pavement than the road and I could feel the difference in the walk over to the trail.


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