Motivation Monday

I’m feeling a bit tired today and that got me to thinking…

How do you keep yourself motivated to workout during the week? 

I’d like to think that the hundreds of dollars that I put out for race registrations is motivation enough, but it doesn’t always work out that way.  I did get up really early Saturday morning and managed to get a few miles in before I had to get home and showered for work.  This time instead of doing one of the C25K sessions or a dedicated run workout, I ended up walking.  In my Vibrams. 

I don’t think that walking in them is the best idea for me.  I was walking at a pace that rivals my pace for races (my walking pace, not my run/walk pace).  It felt like there was more wear and tear on my body after doing that then there had been in any of the runs that I’ve done since I got the VFFs.  Of course, going to the store and standing for 4 hours afterwards didn’t help me any.  I guess it’s a good thing that I am more corfortable running in the VFFs than I am walking.  That will only force me to get faster.

Now if only I can get up the desire to get to the gym tonight…

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3 Responses to Motivation Monday

  1. Kat says:

    It depends on the day, but I'm rarely motivated by something as far off as a race or an event. Then again, I've never really *trained* for one either. Recently, I've just stopped thinking of the gym as optional…it's simply a part of my day that must happen whether I like it or not…like work. Once I breech the hull of calling a workout “optional”, I almost never recover. Today, for example, is a miserable day. I'm still tired from Saturday's race day, it's raining, I'm PMSing hard and really damn cranky about it. But my day isn't over until 8, when I'm done with my gym time.

    Sometimes just reading blogs and seeing other people work out is enough to do it though. Sometimes I just need one voice to say “stop complaining, put your shoes on and go do it”.

    So, to that end, go work out today. It might be sloppy and gross, but you won't regret it.


  2. Krysty T says:

    I just started motivation monday too! Monday is the day for it!!


  3. Amanda says:

    It can be very difficult to stay motivated during the week. I try to remember my goals for the week and remind myself that if I miss the miles now I'm going to feel obligated to do them later and that ultimately takes more time :)!


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