Jillian Michaels kicked my…

I didn’t make it to the gym yesterday, but I didn’t skip my workout either.  When I got home, I checked to see what was available on Exercise TV and saw that level on of the 30 Day Shred was available.  Score! 

I know that is a tough workout.  I haven’t done it in maybe a year, but I decided to give it a try since I knew that my friend Jill was starting it again.  I couldn’t let her suffer alone could I?

Doing this workout I definitely felt it in my calves (during the jumping rope portion of the cardio) and in my arms.  Wow! Did I feel it in my arms!  Doing the last set of arms, I wasn’t sure I would be able to finish it.  And I was only working out with 5 lb weights.

I let everyone know on Twitter that I was doing the workout (after the fact).  I let Jill know that my arms felt like Jello too.  I think at least 2 other friends who have not done this workout before will be picking up the DVDs this week so that they can give it a shot.  I’m not certain how I wil fit this into my workouts, but I’m thinking that on the days when I don’t go for a run or get to the gym, I will try to get in at least one of these workouts.  They are only 20 minutes!

One other thing…

Did you know that I have a fan page on Facebook now?  Go here or search for “Who me, Run?” on Facebook and Like the blog there.  Trust me, this will come in handy later…

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1 Response to Jillian Michaels kicked my…

  1. Amanda says:

    Good to know this is a good workout – I may have to check it out!


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