SheROX triathlon

Yup. I did it. I signed up for my first triathlon. I’ll be doing the SheROX here in Philly in August. I would be lying if I said I was wasn’t nervous.

I’m nervous about the swim. Not because I’m not a strong swimmer but because it is in one of the rivers here. I’m spoiled. I prefer swimming in a pool. I used to teach swimming lessons in a lake so I can swim in open water but I choose not to.

I’m also nervous about the bike portion. I am not a strong biker. I have never been a fan of biking on hills and I know I’ll have to bike up the same hill twice. I made an appointment to get my bike tuned up so that hopefully more than 3 of the gears will work. I also need to get some toe clips for it. Ugh. More expenses.

I found a website for beginner triathletes. I used it to develop a training plan that gets me swimming, biking and running three times per week. I was able to pick the days so I made sure that I kept my run days the same as my days for my Galloway plan for Disneyland.

Today was day one of the plan and I went to the gym for a 35 minutes bike ride and a 11 minute swim. Yup 11 minutes. It could have been a 9.5 mile bike and 550 meter swim. I stuck to the time limit for the bike and ended up going about 13 miles. For the swim I took longer than 11 minutes but I did the distance.

The last time I did any serious swimming was before I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Unfortunately that means that my thyroid is enlarged and it can actually be a bother when I swim. Not so much when I am swimming backstroke (my preferred stroke) but when I swim freestyle I can often feel it. I’m pretty sure there are parts of the swim when I’ll probably flip onto my back but more than likely I’ll be swimming freestyle for most of the swim. I guess I’ll need to strengthen my Tarzan stroke so that I can take it easy and not run into people.

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1 Response to SheROX triathlon

  1. Amanda says:

    Congratulations on the upcoming Tri – I'm sure you're going to do great!


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