Philadelphia International Championship

Yesterday I got up early and headed to Main Street in Manayunk to watch the Philadelphia International Championship.  In all my years living in Philadelphia I never took the time to head into the city to see the race.  It was really exciting to head down there and meet up with my friend Laurie. 

I really didn’t know what to expect with the crowds, but was surprised to see that the Main Street was not very crowded.  At least it was no more crowded during the race than it would be on any Saturday night. 

We really didn’t know what the details of the course was for the race, except that it went through Manayunk and up the Manayunk Wall a few times before finishing with a few laps down the Ben Franklin Parkway and finishes near the Philadelphia Art Museum.  Well, I’ve since learned the details.  The race is 3 1-mile laps near the Art Museum, followed by 10 14.4-mile laps from the Art Museum to Manayunk and ending with 3 laps around a secondary loop that goes through the lemon hill section of Philadelphia.

So we were able to walk down Main Street and we caught the peloton going by a few times.

After grabbing a quick snack on Main Street, we made our way over to Levering Avenue to see what The Wall was all about.  I lived in Roxborough, which is the neighbors Manayunk, for four years, but no one could ever tell me if The Wall was Levering or Leverington Avenue.  I do realize that I could have Googled it, but where’s the fun in that?

For one lap, we positioned ourselves at the bottom of The Wall and caught the racers as they were making their turn to begin the ascent.  It was an awesome place to watch because the speed that the racers reached around the turn was amazing.

After all the racers passed, we made our way up the wall in orders to get a few more views of the racers climbing.

The leaders

My favorite support vehicle…

A crash!

After seeing the lap from The Wall, we went back to Main Street to grab another snack and then made our way to the end of Main Street to catch the last lap.

Here’s the video I got of the peloton:

It was an amazing place to watch the race from.  I’m sure that next year I’ll try to make it down there again.  Maybe I’ll even bike to Manayunk from out in my neck of the woods.  I should be in biking shape by then!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun to watch!


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