My triceps are sore…

I knew I would be sore today.  My legs seem okay, but my triceps seem to have taken one for the team.  I keep stretching, but they aren’t feeling much better.  I will be getting a run in today.  30 minutes for sure!  I’ll probably wait until about 9 o’clock tonight to get myself out there.  Maybe even get the boyfriend out there with me.  We’ll see though.

Since I have been sharing all the things I love about the Y with you, I wanted to show you how the main pool looks when it is set up for the long course (50 meters).  I wish I had known that it would be set up that way when I went to the gym yesterday.  I didn’t bring my bathing suit with me since I was only planning on working with the trainer.

I also think it is totally awesome that when I refer to the diving well I am referring to an Olympic style diving well.  1-meter boards all the way up to platforms.  I’m not afraid of heights, but the last time I tried to dive off a 3-meter springboard, I got nervous and just had to jump.  And that was in college, many years ago.  I haven’t tried again since then.  But here is what the diving well looks like at the Y.  The four lower boards in this picture at the 3-meter springboards just to give you a little perspective.

Pretty awesome, huh?

Yesterday I did get the opportunity to meet one of the Masters swimming coaches since their practice was just starting as I was done with my session with the trainer.  I was planning on going to my first practice with them on Friday (Masters swimming is included with my membership to the Y – woot!), but I just got off the phone with my trainer and he needed to reschedule which leave me free for tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll be able to get to the practice a few day early instead!

For breakfast, I had a few slices of Colby cheese while I was getting the boyfriend’s lunch ready and then had low-fat Nutrigrain waffles with The Bee’s Knees, banana, Cranberry Chew low fat granola, chia seeds, and honey.  Yum!

I’m not particularly hungry right now, but I know I probably won’t eat right if I don’t start planning my lunch now.  I ate breakfast around 8:45 and should probably eat before 12:30, otherwise I probably won’t eat until 2 or 3.  I’m thinking a protein drink followed by a ham and cheese sandwich a little bit later.

How far in advance do you plan your meals?  What is your favorite lunch?

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