The Greg Warren Band at House of Blues

I’ve been busy getting out there and exploring central Florida for the past week.  I owe you several updates and I’ll get to them starting tomorrow.  I just wanted to share some pictures from last night’s show at the House of Blues.  I went to see The Greg Warren Band which is headed by the former lead singer of Ambertone (love that band!).  I had the opportunity to see a few other local performers too, including Jared Blake from The Voice.  My friends Michelle and Shelley joined me and were totally awesome because I dragged them up to the front of the floor so we could see the band up close.

Jared Blake – The Voice

Jared Blake – The Voice

Greg Warren

Greg Warren

Greg Warren

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2 Responses to The Greg Warren Band at House of Blues

  1. Fruit Fly says:

    Ah, House of Blues!

    My first Fiona Apple concert was there in 1997. And Service Industry Night – so many cups of free drinks were pounded there in my day.

    Looks like a fun evening!


  2. Megan says:

    It was so much fun! I've only been there twice and the other time was to see Ambertone (Greg's old band). I hope to see more shows there in the future.


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