The Race Registration Bug

Who has to fight to urge to register for every race that they hear about?  Who can’t resist free things? 

This girl.

A few weeks ago I was reading the most recent edition of Women’s Running and I stumbled across an add for a new triathlon series.  The HITS Triathlon Series has twelve locations and a National Championship.  Each location will have a Sprint, Olympic, Half and Full triathlon.  Additionally, each location will have a HITS Open division. 

The Open division is there to give newbies a taste of a triathlon.  It is a 100 meter swim, 3 mile bike and 1 mile run.  Oh yeah, and it’s FREE!  One of the locations is in Ocala, Florida, only an hour away from Orlando.  And it’s a month after the Princess Half Marathon.  So, yeah, I registered for it.

And that a few days after registering for the tri, I happened to open my email and see an Active Advantage offer for free registration for the Miami Muddy Buddy.  I usually miss out on these offers, but since it was a race not too far away, I clicked on the link and saw that I still had 10 minutes before the offer would be released.  I hovered over my computer for the next 10 minutes and began clicking offer link as soon as it was active.  There were only 10 free offers and I got one of them!

So of course, I promptly went over to the Muddy Buddy site and registered for the individual division.  Six miles with obstacles and MUD!  I can’t wait!  Make sure to check out the website to see what it’s all about.

Breakfast today was vanilla Chobani, pear, granola and cinnamon:

Lunch was a salad mix.  Lettuce, apple, walnuts, cheddar and apple vinagrette.  Craisins would have made it awesome!

What new races have you registered for?  How is your training going?  Who will be in town this weekend for the Wine and Dine Half?

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2 Responses to The Race Registration Bug

  1. Amanda says:

    Those sound like two very cool races – I love the intro to tri idea thatshould be awesome.

    It is tough to not register for every race that comes along for sure, but I try to plan a year ahead so I can budget them in when possible.

    I wish I was going to be at Wine and Dine this year – but I have to wait until next year. Hope you have a great race.


  2. Fruit Fly says:

    That tri you sounded up for seems perfect! I am petrified of the thought of ever doing one, but that would be a perfect opportunity for me some time.

    I'm really bummed I am not in WDW for the race tonight. 😦 My latest whim was a Halloween half marathon, and then adding the marathon relay in WDW to my schedule, OH and the 5K. So now I'll have 3 races in 3 days in WDW! Yay!


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