Polish Food

On Saturday we were supposed to go to St. Augustine, but my stomach wasn’t agreeing with me so we decided to stay closer to home.

We went up to Sanford to check out the flea market there (Flea World).  We weren’t really impressed with it, especially the food choices.  It looked like all of the food vendors were run by the flea market management and the food didn’t look any better than the kind of food you would find at your local country fair (in most cases it looked worse).  We made it through the whole market quickly and didn’t make any purchases.

Once we started heading home, we kept our eyes open for anything interesting to stop at or any place that looked good.  The boyfriend saw a Polish restaurant and we decided to stop by for an early dinner.

We started with an order of potato pancakes.  They were delicious and came with sour cream and homemade apple sauce.  Yum!

It was tough for me to decide what I wanted, but I ended up getting the golabki platter.  I was a bit nervous about ordering it considering the price, but when it came out. I saw that it was definitely worth it.  The golabkis were HUGE.  They took up most of the plate and made the pile of mashed potatoes look measly in comparison.

I could only finish one of them.  Yeah, they were that big.  It may have been the potato pancakes and the samples of the boyfriend’s meal that slowed me down too…

The boyfriend ordered the Polish Platter.  It came with 1 golabki, 2 pierogis, kielbasa and saurkraut.  His order came with a lot of options too.  Tomato or mushroom sauce on the golabki, potato and cheese or mushroom pierogis, and smoked or fresh kielbasa.  Lots of choices.  He picked both sauces and one of each pierogi, and, since neither of us have ever had it, the fresh kielbasa.

I was really impressed with the fresh kielbasa and I hope to try it again sometime.  And I loved the potato and cheese pierogi so much that I bought 2 dozen more to take home.  I really wish this restaurant was closer to me.  I would definitely visit it more often.  If you find yourself in the area and want to try some authentic Polish food, stop by and give it a try!

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3 Responses to Polish Food

  1. Fruit Fly says:

    Huh – I didn't know pierogis were Polish. I mean I knew they were something fancy, but now I know. I LOVE potato and cheese pierogis! Mm, I might have to have that for dinner tonight now that you mention it!


  2. Megan says:

    Usually we just have Mrs. T's, but these were delicious and had the farmer's cheese (which is like ricotta) in them.


  3. Amanda says:

    Sounds like a great meal!


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