Sunset Running

Fall has finally found its way to Florida. I also finally got my act together and got out for a run. About a month ago I moved from Orange County out to Polk County. Not long after the move I found a new park that has some great paths for running. The most exciting thing about the park is that they aren’t done building it. Right now, the total distance on the paths is about 2 miles but once they are done, I’m sure this could easily be a 3 mile course.

We were over there on Monday night and did a 1.5 mile wog. I was able to catch this beautiful sunset. I felt pretty good during the run since the pace was manageable.

Last night we went back to the park. Since we got there earlier, we had more time and got a 3.1 mile wog in. It was another good day with another beautiful sunset. No pictures this time. You’ll just have to trust me.

I do plan on getting back to training for races. I have to get myself registered for the Princess Half Marathon so that I can remain Perfectly Princess. Aside from that I don’t have any race plans though. I would love it if someone would sponsor me to run some 5k races, but in the meantime I just plan on getting healthier and faster so I can have more fun during the races that I do make it to.

How has everyone been? What races do you have planned?

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