No run this week but I can explain…

Yup, since my last post I haven’t been able to get any runs in. That might sound like I’ve been slacking but let me explain.

Currently, I’m working at Epcot for the International Food & Wine Festival. The position that I am currently working does not have me tied to one location like my regular job. I am responsible for an entire zone which spans approximately 1/3 a mile. Which I cover for an entire 8-10 hour shift. I am running back and forth between my locations though out my shift. I’m never in one place for more than 10-15 minutes.

Given that I’m constantly moving for the entire day, I don’t feel bad about missing any workouts. And since my running buddy is currently out of town for a few days, I haven’t had too much motivation to get out there and run by myself. I am going to try to find some time today though so that I can keep up my progress that I’ve made.

I did take a few minutes for myself last week to get a haircut. I really like it an I think I’ll go back to the same hair dresser next time. You know, six to twelve months from now.

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