Fun (Friday) Fitness Survey

Hello everyone! I borrowed this idea from Tina over at Carrots ‘N’ Cake. I’ve been saving the post in my Google Reader for a while and I am finally taking the time to get my answers together.  I hope you find something you like in here!

1. Five fitness items I can’t live without:

  • Sweaty Bands – I love these. I have more than I can count and I pick up at least one at every expo I go to. I even reviewed them here.
  • Champion Zip Tech Sports Bra – I only have two of these, but I use them exclusively for my running days. I am lucky to be amply endowed, but that makes for uncomfortable running in the wrong sports bra. This really holds the girls in place. (I would love it if Champion would send me a black one so I could formally review this on here – hint hint!)
  • iFitness Running Belt – I used to use a SpiBelt, but I picked this up at one of the runDisney expos in the past year and I love it.
  • iPhone – I keep all my fitness apps on here!
  • Lululemon socks – I love my Sweat Once A Day socks, but I can’t find them one the Lululemon website. I’m hoping that the ones currently on their site are comparable.

2. Favorite pre-workout snack/meal:
My pre-workout snack almost always includes peanut butter.  And it usually includes some kind of carb.  I like to have peanut butter on whole wheat toast or on a bagel. Once I get back into longer disntances, I’m sure I’ll start having Luna bars again too.

3. On my fitness bucket list:
I’m not really sure what to put on my fitness bucket list. I want to hike a lot more. I would love to learn to snow board (yes, from the girl living in Florida), and I would love to learn to surf. I also want to become a Pilates instructor.

4. Must-have tech tools:
My iPhone and my Timex Ironman Sleek 50-Lap. I can’t run without them! I’ve had the same version of this watch since I started running. I just picked up my third one this week (thanks Mom!).

5. Motivational mantra:
I’m still building up my Fitness Inspiration page on Pinterest, but here are a couple of my favorites.

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

6. Next big exercise goal:
Perfectly Princess! I thankfully got myself registered before the race sold out.

7. Favorite cardio exercise:
Running and fitness dance classes.

8. Favorite strength move:
I don’t really have a strength move that I love, but the favorite machine I have at the gym has always been the lat pull-down machine. I’m trying to build up my strength again and get that nice definition in my shoulders that I had when I was a swimmer.

Anyone want to share their answers to the Fitness Survey? Share your links in the comments!

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