Running Dreams

As I’ve said since the beginning, I’m not a runner. I’m still working my way to become one but obviously I’m not doing a great job. There are the rare moments when I dream that I am an amazing runner.

Yes. I literally dream that I am an amazing runner. I had a dream once when I was training for the Broad Street Run and I told my then training partner about it. She had a similar dream and we both took that as a sign and started working harder. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had different plans for us on race day.

Last night I had another one of those dreams. I dreamt that I was running an endurance race. Maybe it was a half marathon, I’m not quite sure. What ever it was, I was doing several laps around a lake. Each lap included a long downhill portion, not very steep but enough to help me pick up speed. After my first lap I was able to run the entire course. I woke up before I finished the race, but I know that I wasn’t getting tired either.

Of course, this has inspired me to keep trying and who knows, maybe I’ll get a PR at the next half marathon I do!

Do you ever have any running dreams?

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