It’s a Success!

I hate it when I get home and I’ve forgotten to defrost anything for dinner.

Luckily, last night I thankfully had chicken that I could defrost quickly. I cut it up and seasoned it with garlic powder, onion powder, celery salt, organo, basil, salt and pepper. At the last second I decided to add some Italian seasoned breadcrumbs to it.

I boiled a box of Barilla whole wheat penne while I cooked the chicken in a hot pan in EVOO. When the chicken was almost done I threw in some fresh onions for a minutes followed by an Italian veggie blend. I generously season everything and at the last minute, decided to add some red pepper flakes.

Once the pasta was done cooking I took a scoop of the pasta water and added it to the pan of chicken then I drained the pasta. I dumped everything from the chicken pan into the pasta pan and added the pasta back to the pan. With a little bit of butter (maybe a tablespoon), EVOO and Parmesan, I tossed everything together.

It was amazing! I don’t always have the best luck when I’m making a dish without a recipe, but it definitely is one of my better experiments. That’s why I needed to write it down here. Don’t need to forget what I did, right?

Here’s a knee update:

I had a nurse look at it the other day and the medicine was working. The bite is incredibly gross but I have all the right medicine to take care of it. I’ve been cleared to run as I can tolerate it. Since I’m working some very long shifts the next two days, I plan to try out my knee on Tuesday. I only hope to go 1-2 miles, but if I feel okay I may try to do more.

I’ll keep you updated!

What are your dinner experiments successes?

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