I’m Feeling Much Better!

After battling a horrible bug bite followed by a reaction to the antibiotics that I was put on because of the bug bite, I am finally feeling better.

Today I woke up intending on heading to the gym to run a few miles, but I decided to do some free weight and body-weight workouts at home. So the Dumbbell Smart Arms workout returned today. I wasn’t sure about my strength so I stuck with my 5lb dumbbells. It was a little bit too easy, so tomorrow may mean a trip to the gym to use the bigger weights.

I also tried the Ballet Abs workout. I really need to get stronger with my planks. I think I’ll find a February plank challenge so that the :30 or 1 min planks don’t scare me anymore. Any suggestions?

Finally, I tried out the Want a Brazillian Butt? Workout. Not too bad, but I definitely feel that the Tight Ass workout I did a few weeks ago hurt more. At least initially. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow. Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll also get out to run after work tomorrow.

For breakfast today I had chocolate Cheerios with plain almond milk. After my workout today I had a strawberry banana smoothie, also with almond milk and 1/2 a honey tangerine. I wish I had some protein powder at home to add to it. I’ll need to pick up some on my next shopping trip.

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