Looking for Some Motivation

Why do I find it so hard to get motivated to run? After all these years of doing races and training for them, I still don’t love running.  I don’t have the drive to get out there to run.  I enjoy exercising and working out in general, but running still doesn’t do it for me. I don’t hate it like I did when I started this blog, but given the choice to run or do another type of exercise, I’ll take the other exercise almost every time.  The only exception may be bike riding.

What do you do to get yourself motivated to do an exercise that you’re not in love with?
That being said, ever since my bug bite that sidelined me for a few weeks, I haven’t been getting my run time in.  I must admit that I am slightly nervous about the Princess Half Marathon next weekend, but at the same time, I know what my body is capable of and I know that I can finish a half marathon.  I’ll be running again with my friend Mel and we plan on doing a :45/1:15 run/walk interval.  Hopefully that will be manageable for both of us.
Aside from my lack of running, I have been enjoying my time around property, including taking advantage of my holiday pass to get into DisneyQuest.  DisneyQuest isn’t a place I go to very often, but a group of us from work decided to go over there after work one day and it was a lot of fun to be there with a group of people.  We designed a coaster at Virtual Space Mountain (but I didn’t actually ride it because I was afraid I’d have the same negative results that I had the first time I went on it in), we played lots of racing games and the Mighty Ducks ‘pinball’ game.  We had lots of fun on the Virtual Jungle Cruise avoiding the dinosaurs.  I even got to play Fix It Felix Jr. and have my picture taken with Wreck It Ralph!

Fix It Felix Jr

Wreck It Ralph

I’ve been having some good luck in the kitchen lately.  I got a request from the peanut gallery for meat pie.  Well, I’ve never made a meat pie before, only shepherd’s pie.  I did know that my best friend was responsible for making the meat pies every year for her family at Christmas.  I gave her a call and asked for the recipe.  She is awesome enough to let me share it with you here!

French Meat Pie

Memere’s French Meat Pie
2 Potato, large
½ lb. Hamburger
1 lb. Pork, ground
1/2 c Onion, chopped
1/4 tsp Ground gloves
¼ tsp Ground allspice
2 Tbsp Milk
½ tsp Salt
1/8 tsp Pepper
2 Pie Crusts or one box rollout pie crust
1. Pre-heat oven 450°F.
2. Peel and quarter potatoes then boil until soft.
3. Brown hamburger, ground pork, onion and ¼ c water adding allspice, and gloves.
4. Mash the potatoes with milk, salt and pepper. Mix potato mixture into the meat mixture.
5. Lay out pie crust in bottom of pie dish and fill with potato/meat mixture. Cover the pie and make 2-3 small slices for ventilation.
6. Bake for 20 minutes.
(To freeze – do not cook pie. When ready to put frozen pie in oven and allow to preheat with oven. Cook for 30 mins.)
It was really easy to make!  Some important pointers:

  • When browning the meat, be sure to add the water. The water is what allows you to have the meat be finer.  You don’t want your ground beef to be too chunky when it’s done cooking.

  • You want the mashed potatoes to look like a regular mashed potato.  When I first mashed mine up they looked a little bit dry.  I called her to see what the consistency was supposed to be and then decided to add some more milk.  Be careful how much milk you add though! You don’t want them to be too creamy either!

This was amazingly delicious and definitely will be reappearing on my dinner table in the future!

Last night I also tried to make Italian Wedding Soup for the first time.  I’ve made Lions Head Soup many times before (don’t worry, I’ll share that recipe with you the next time I make it), but I’ve never tried to make Italian Wedding Soup.  I was very excited by the results. 
I followed this recipe on Pinterest.  I got a big thumbs up and a very happy person to share the rest of the night with.  Score another one for Pinterest!

Here’s what ended up in my bowl:

Italian Wedding Soup
I’ve got so much more of my cooking adventures to share with you, but that will have to wait for another post!
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