Boggy Creek Airboat Rides




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Not far from Orlando, you can find the beginnings of the
Florida everglades. In Kissimmee, about a 45 minute drive for the Central
Florida attractions, you can find Boggy Creek Airboat rides.  Taking an airboat ride was one of my #1
priorities when I moved to Florida. 
Thankfully I stumbled upon yet another deal and I was able to score
2-for-1 passes. 
I was able to make reservations for my one hour Scenic Nature Tour very easily on
the day of the tour.  I wouldn’t
recommend doing this but since I was going in the off season, I wasn’t too
worried about the tours being sold out. 
I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of boat I was going to be on
and I had visions of it being a boat that only held two people with a
driver.  When we got there I saw that we
were going to be on a slightly larger boat that would carry about 20 of
us.  The boat still had the extremely
large fan that airboats are known for.  

When we were ready to go, everyone was issued a pair of
noise reducing headphones.  Since we were
one of the last people to arrive, we grabbed seats in the back row.  Our driver went over all the safety
instructions (stay seated when the boat is in motion, keep the headphones on
when the fan is on, etc.), and then we were off.
He took us south first through a lot of the tall
grasses.  It was amazing how fast the
boat could go, just skimming over the water. 
I was also thankful for the seat in the back row.  Even though there was a lot of boat between
the front row and the front of the boat, I can only imagine that they go hit
with some of the flying grass.  I got
splashed occasionally, only when the boat turned in certain directions.  I was a fun and windy ride.

It wasn’t long before the boat was slowing down and the
driver was pointing out all of the animals. 
We saw turtles, tons of different birds and gators.  GATORS!!! 
Come on, you know that is why anyone from the north wants to take an
airboat tour.  We saw some pretty large
gators and some babies.  The tour guide
was full of interesting facts about gators and even pointed out some of the gators
that he was used to seeing around.  We
were able to see a bald eagle’s nest too.  

The entire tour lasted about an hour.  While I loved being able to see the wildlife,
I think my favorite part was when the driver took us into area where the grass
was less dense.  He got our boat up to a
high speed and then turned it so that we were coasting sideways.  It was so exciting to be flying across the
water.  Check out my video of that part
of our ride.
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  1. Taking an airboat ride everglades city airboat tours was one of my #1 priorities when I moved to Florida.


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