Princess Half Marathon Race Recap

I got up dark and early to get over to the start line for this year’s race.  I live about 20 minutes from Epcot so I slept until 2:30 and got up to get ready.  Of course I laid out my entire running outfit the night before.  Mel had found the material for my skirt the weekend before and my mom had just finished sewing it up a few hours before I went to bed.

I put a bagel in the toaster and got dressed.  As usual, I had to use Body Glide on my feet and I put on my favorite pair of Lululemon socks.  After I was dressed and the bagel was done I sat down and enjoyed my breakfast.  I was able to leave at around 3:20 and I made it to Epcot without any traffic.  I also got an amazing parking spot.  I was so thankful that I wouldn’t need to walk far after the race!

Since Mel was still in line at her resort, I wandered around and tried to find the people for Team Studios Central.  After talking with some of them after the race, it sounds like I just missed them.  Once Mel got there, we made our way over to the corrals.  The long walk over didn’t seem nearly as crowded as it has been in the past.  It may be that people started heading over earlier so the crowds were spread out.

We were placed pretty far back in the corrals, I guess I’ve been spoiled with better corrals in all of my previous races.  By the time we actually crossed the start line, the race had been going on for about 40 minutes.  A big change from my first Princess Half when I crossed the start line less than 5 minutes after the gun went off.  Unfortunately, Mel’s phone was having problems picking up a GPS signal and I had already decided not to use my phone to track the race.  Our friend Lorrie used her phone to track us.  None of us caught the time when we crossed the start line.  Whoops.

We felt great maintaining our :45/1:15 intervals.  I didn’t have any problems with my knee and despite Mel having got in some extra training that I missed out on and having done the WDW Half last month, I was able to keep up with her.  We made sure that we ran up Main Street USA as is our normal tradition.  Our friend, Heather, snapped this picture of us.  We didn’t hear her cheering for us at all. 

Princess Half Marathon on Main Street USA

Once we got down Main Street and turned into Tomorrowland, we took a walk interval.  The bathrooms in Tomorrowland had a line and they were actually guarding the men’s room, so we decided to go to the bathrooms in Adventureland when we passed them.  I love running through Fantasyland and I can’t wait for the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train to open.  Once we got to the Castle, there was a massive bottleneck.  It turns out that some guy had been waiting for his girlfriend at the bottom of the ramp so that he can propose to her.  Very romantic, but I wish I had been ahead of her so that I wouldn’t have gotten stuck in the that bottleneck.  We did sneak over in front of the castle and had a spectator take pictures of us.  I’ll post it as soon as I get a copy of it from her.

After leaving the Magic Kingdom, the crowds continued past the Grand Floridian and the Polynesian resorts.  Getting back onto World Drive, we had the road all to ourselves and we were able to keep up our pace as much as possible.  Around mile 8 my hips started getting sore and running actually felt better than walking.  Mel felt the same way.  We came to the realization that we weren’t going to get any PRs during the race so we decided to go Lorrie’s pace.  This was Lorrie’s first half marathon and her kids had told her that she couldn’t do it.  We weren’t going to let her fail!

Around mile 9 I saw a coworker of mine at the water stop and ran over and gave her a sweaty hug.  From there, we went up the On Ramp from Hell.  We did something different and stayed on the grass on the inside of the ramp.  It wasn’t that bad.  But then, of course, we still had two more hills.  Once we got over the hills and I saw the mile marker for mile 12, I couldn’t have been happier.  I sent a picture of the mile marker off to the family at the finish line. 

Princess Half Marathon Mile 12

Gospel Choir


Unlike my first half marathon, going through Epcot seemed incredibly easy.  The Gospel Choir was inspiring as always!  I started looking for my family as soon as I saw the finish line spectators, but Mel decided it was time to run, so we took off!  She finished about 2 seconds ahead of me.  Oh well, but I really wanted to get a high five from Mickey.  I’m hoping that one of the photographers caught it, but it hasn’t been posted yet.

Princess Half Marathon Finish Line


After getting my medal, I got ice for my knees and then headed over to the Perfect tent to get my special lanyard.  I gave it a big kiss and almost cried when I put it on!

I was so thankful to be able to finish the race and to have my family there.  I left the finishers area to see everyone.  I got my big congratulatory kiss and lots of hugs before we headed off to breakfast at Kona Cafe, but that’s a story for another post!

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2 Responses to Princess Half Marathon Race Recap

  1. We love the Princess Half Marathon! Great recap! 🙂


  2. Megan says:

    Thanks so much! I always struggle with writing recaps. I never know what to include and where to skip over.


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