Happy Birthday Aquatica!

Yet another celebration that I missed yesterday.  Yesterday was the 5th Birthday of Sea World’s Aquatica.  As a special deal, they had $5 tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  We did get tickets, but then it ended up being too cold to go to a water park yesterday.  The high was only about 65 degrees.  Too cold for this girl to be running around in a bathing suit!

Entrance to Aquatica

I did get to visit Aquatica a few times last year when I was living closer to it so I thought I would share some of my pictures and my thoughts on the park.  This will be mostly pictures though!

Aquatic reminds me a lot of the the Disney waterparks, but without the extensive theming that you find in the Disney parks.  I don’t want that to take away from the beauty of this park though.  The park is amazing and you will find many of the great animal habitats that you expect to see at Sea World. 


Commerson’s Dolphin

The popular billboards and ads for Aquatic show you sliding by some of the residents.  I always thought that these were the Orkas (Shamu, the killer whales that Sea World is known for).  It turns out that these are actually Commerson’s Dolphins.  They are gorgeous black and white dolphins.  The Dolphin Plunge takes you by the dolphins.  I think it is very cool to take the slide by them, but it wasn’t really easy to see them when you are in the tube.  You can get a much better view of them by watching from the side of the pool or going to the viewing area.

Dolphin Plunge

There are many fun water slides around the park too.  Most of them are the pre-package variety that you may find in other waterparks.  I’ve seen some of them in Hersheypark. They are still tons of fun though!

Whanau Ride

Omaka Rocka

Walhalla Wave
Taumata Racers

Perhaps my favorite attraction at Aquatica is Roa’s Rapids.  I call it the not-so-lazy river.  It’s exactly like it sounds.  You don’t have a tube like a lazy river.  You can go in it without a life vest, but I recommend donning a life vest and enjoying the ride.

Roa’s Rapids

The wave pool and beach are lots of fun.  The waves are tamer than what you will find at Typhoon Lagoon, and, as long as you supervise them, it is safe for little ones.

Cutback Cove

Aside from the attractions, one of the best features at Aquatica is the all-you-care-to-eat buffet, the Banana Beach Cook-Out.  One of the times I went there, I knew that I would be there long enough to eat one meal and a few snacks.  After looking at the prices, I decided to splurge for the buffet.  It has delicious pulled pork and chicken.  The pizza and salads are pretty good too.  Definitely worth it if you know you’ll be eating more than once during your stay.

Banana Beach Cook-Out

I am a bit sad that it was too cold to visit Aquatica yesterday, but I will definitely get over there again this year.  It’s too much fun not to visit again!

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4 Responses to Happy Birthday Aquatica!

  1. Crystal says:

    This is one place I've yet to visit! I'm not a big water park person in general, but I want to check it out eventually!


  2. Megan says:

    It's really fun! I could stand there and watch the dolphins all day.


  3. Check with Aquatica, I heard they were extending the dates for those $5 tickets due to the weather, but only for certain dates. Couldn't hurt to find out :0)
    And it is a great park! I've only been once but really want to go back.


  4. Megan says:

    Thanks Heather! We'll be checking with them to see if we can use our tickets.


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