Brain Dump

I’ve had a bit of a writer’s block for the past week.  I’ve opened up my computer and logged onto Blogger and not had anything to say.  Hence the radio silence for a week.  Today, I’m not sure I have much to say, but I do have lots of ideas running around in my mind so I thought I’d just put some out there. 

1. Shoes

In particular, running sneakers.  I fell in love with the Brooks Pure Connect at the WDW Marathon Expo, but when I actually had Mom with me at the Princess Half Expo, they had neither my size nor the color that I wanted.  I really loved the shoes and I would love to get a pair of them soon.  Anyone want to hook me up with a pair?  They run about $120.

Aside from running shoes, I know I need to get some new sandals.  I basically live in my Crocs Athens flip flops, but they are really wore out.  In case you don’t know this about Crocs (besides the fact that many designs are incredibly ugly) the bottoms wear out pretty quickly and they become a slipping hazard.  That’s the point that my shoes are at now.

2. Foriegn Languages

When I started high school I really wanted to take Latin.  I know, I’m a geek.  My mom insisted that I take French and I took it for all four years in high school, and even considered majoring or minoring in it in college.  I did take classes for 3 years in college and even took some classes at Alliance Francaise in Philly when I worked in the city.  Not so surprisingly, I didn’t have much use for it until I moved to Florida.  Today I actually had a full conversation with a guest who was heading out to our cruise ship.  She complimented me on my French too.  Apparently, I have a nice accent when I speak French, even though I have a poor vocabulary.

Aside from French, I studied Spanish for a semester and picked up a good amount of it in my previous position in  Food and Beverage.  I’ve also tried to learn Brazillian Portuguese.  I’m still working on that and I’m waiting patiently for my name to come up on the Rosetta Stone waitlist here at work.

3. Family

Living 1200 miles away from most of my family, I don’t get to see them too often.  I saw my Mother and Stepfather at the end of February.  I’m lucky that one of my cousins in a musician and tours every winter.  This year his closest stop was in Sarasota, so he came up to visit for the day and we had lunch and visited Epcot.  His twin lives in China right now and so we sent him a picture of the Italy pavillion which happens to be designed after the Venice, where he spent his junior year of college.

4. Food

I’ve had some more successes in the kitchen.  And I’ve also been lazy and gone out to eat too.  We took a little trip to Chili’s near by and took advantage of their 2 for $20 deal.  We shared the Fried Cheese appetizer (someone had fun playing with their food) and I got the 6 oz. sirloin with loaded mashed potatoes and broccoli.  The steak had just the right amount of seasoning on it.  I ordered it medium, but it came out closer to medium-well.  Nothing worth sending it back to the kitchen though.

Chili’s Dinner
Someone likes to play with their food

Aside from that, yesterday I made a whole chicken in the crockpot.  Have I told you how much I love my crockpot?  I didn’t do anything fancy with it.  I found a chicken rub seasoning blend in my seasoning tupperware and put that all over the chicken.  I put some onions and carrots under the chicken and some onion and garlic inside the chicken.  It was ready when I got home and I made us baked potatoes and Stove Top stuffing.  That with the carrots from the crockpot made for a yummy meal and some even more yummy leftovers today at work.

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

5. Exercise

I’ve decided to spend time focusing on my arms and I plan on documenting them.  I found a potential workout plan on Pinterest, and with be mixing that up with some of the other workouts that I love to do with my arms.  I used to have really nice arms, but that was when I was swimming 3-4 hours per day in college.  That’s just not feasible now.  Here’s the pin I found:

And this is where I’m starting:

Arms – week 1

6. Toe Nails

Who needs ’em?  I had green nail polish on since the Princess Half Marathon (to go with my Merida costume) and when it started chipping, I took it off and saw the damage that is to be expected from the race.  One nail completely black and another one discolored.  Oh well!

That’s about it for now!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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