Chuy’s Mexican Food

A few weeks ago, we had a date night at a new-to-the-area Mexican Restaurant called Chuy’s.  I had been driving passed it for weeks as it was being constructed and once it finally opened, I couldn’t wait to get over and check it out.  I jumped at the chance to eat there when it was suggested.

Even though the restaurant has only been open for a short while, it has already become popular with the tourists in the area.  It is far enough into the tourist district that it is easy for visitors to get to but, it is also just far enough away from the center of it all to make locals feel like they are not venturing into the madness of the tourism area.  When we got there, the wait was about 30 minutes long so we decided to head over to the bar and get some drink until our table was ready. 

Chuy’s bar

The bar area was pretty cool.  It even had salsa bar.  The design was awesome in the trunk of a car.  The salsa was a fresh salsa and it was a little bit too juicy for me, but it had a great flavor it to it.  We got a frozen margarita and a Corona.  I really enjoyed the margarita, but having had some of the specialty margaritas at the Cava del Tequilla, I find a traditional margarita somewhat boring.

Chuy’s drink menu

Classic Frozen Margarita
Classic car salsa bar
Unlimited chips and salsa!

When we got our table I fell in love with the room we were put it.  The room reminded me of visiting Mexican restaurants in Arizona or New Mexico that were opened up in someone’s garage.  There were old car pictures and hub caps all over the place.  Were it not for the large dining room on the other side of the wall, I would have really felt like I was back in Arizona.

Garage dining room
Main dining room

I had a hard time deciding what to order but we eventually settled on The Elvis Presley Memorial Combo and Chuy’s Special.  Our waitress brought us some more chips and a different dip that wasn’t available on the salsa bar.  It was a jalepeno ranch sauce and it was amazing!  I would go back just for that!  I also took some time to walk around and saw that they were making the tortillas fresh.  That made me incredibly excited about my meal.

Jalepeno ranch sauce
Making fresh tortillas
Fresh tortillas on the grill

Once our entrees came, I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of food that I had, so I had to make a conscious decision to eat no more than half of my entree and to take the rest home.  My entree (The Elvis) included a beef Tex-Mex enchilada, a cheese Ranchero enchilada, a chicken Tomatillo enchilada, and a homemade beef taco with crispy tortillas dipped in chile con queso (sorry, that description was taken almost word-for-word from their menu).  Everything was delicious!  My favorite was the chicken Tomatillo enchilada.  The Chuy’s Special was a full platter of the chicken Tomatillo enchiladas.  I’ll probably just get next time.

The Elvis Presley Memorial Combo
Elivs beef taco with crispy tortillas
Chuy’s Special

I can’t wait until the next time I can visit again.  As much as I want to have the Chuy’s Special, I really hope to try many of the other things on the menu too.  I’m sure I’ll give you a review of their other dishes as I try them.

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