Three Things Thursday

1. I Love Live Music

I’ve been trying to explore the Orlando music scene since I moved here. I think I have failed at this so far. I’ve seen the Greg Warren Band several times since I moved here and I’ve seen their alternate personality, Ambertone, too. I’ve also seen Micah and the Reason several times. Tonight I’m checking out a new-to-me band called Sheila & the Sound in downtown Orlando. And next weekend I’ll be going to see a friend/coworkers band for the first time. Hopefully when Crystal returns to Florida I’ll be heading out to see more bands. 
2. I’ve got a busy race schedule all of a sudden. 
I’ve already planned on registering for the Space Coast half marathon. And now I’m fundraising for Give Kids the World while I train for the WDW half marathon in January. And, of course, I plan on running next year’s Princess Half Marathon and taking on the Glass Slipper Challenge by running the 10k the day before. I just need to find a 10k some time early next fall so that I can have a qualifying time for my Disney races. 
3. I’m going to the Florida Bloggers Conference. 
Yup. Registration opened yesterday and I gave in a signed up today. Looks like my over time from today just got gobbled up in fees. I’m pretty sure it will be worth it!
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