Breakfast Time!

When you wake up and have no idea what to make for breakfast, sometimes, just sometimes, amazing things can happen.  I got up the other day and had no idea what I could make for breakfast.  We only had one egg left.  The bacon was still in the freezer.  The only bread I had was the “very thin” bread. Not exactly a enough to feed two people.

Then the challenge was thrown down.  French toast.  With the King’s Hawaiian rolls that we have (which may dang good rolls for tuna salad).  French toast with one egg.  I said I would give it a try but promised nothing.

The final results were amazing!  I am so tempted to go out and but another pack of the rolls so that I can make this again.  It may happen next week too since my work schedule has me working evenings all next week.  I posted a picture of it on Instagram and Twitter and instantly, everyone was liking it.  I promised the recipe to my followers so here it is!

King’s Hawaiian Bread French Toast
serves two

1 egg
1 tbs half and half
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 loaves King’s Hawaiian Bread mini loaves

1. Beat egg, half and half, and vanilla extract until smooth. 

2. Soak loaves, cut side first, then second side.  Preheat skillet to medium high and coat with butter (I use butter for flavor and because using non-stick spray is no good for the pans). 

3. Place loaves, cut side down and cook until golden brown and delicious.  Clip and cook other side.

Serve with maple syrup.  If I had some fresh berries, I would have served those along with it.  Enjoy!

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