Let’s Go Streaking!

The people at Runner’s World are at it again!  The 2013 Summer Challenge run streak is in full swing.  Are you participating?

Every year I hope to join in on the run streak, but either I miss the beginning of it, or I miss day two, or whatever other myriad of reasons excuses that I have that prevent me from completing it.  I have no idea how I’m going to do this year, but so far I’m doing okay.  Three days!

So far I’ve run:

Monday: 2.2 miles in 30 minutes (13:38 pace)

Tuesday: 1.2 miles in 15 minutes (13:14 pace)

Wednesday 2.56 miles in 35 minutes (13:40 pace)

Not too bad!

On Monday and Wednesday I was doing intervals of 1:30 run/1:00 walk.  On Tuesday, my only goal was to finish a mile so I was doing 3/1 intervals.  Today is a “just a mile” day so I’ll see how fast I can go today!

I have a goal to get a PR in a half marathon in the next year.  Maybe by next year’s Princess Half, but if I can get it sooner that would be awesome!  My current goal is to just maintain the pace I am running at for longer distances.  Any tips on doing that?

Also, don’t forget that I am running the 2014 Walt Disney World Half Marathon for Give Kids the World Village.  I’m trying to get together a Blogger Bake Sale for some point in the future, but what I am currently working on is a raffle.  We’ve got some awesome prizes.  As soon as the prize list is finalized I’ll share it with you.  Some of the prizes include: Sweaty Bands, Under Armor, and Gatorland admission!  Entering the raffle is easy!  For every $5 you donate to my fundraising, you receive an entry into the raffle.  You can make your donation here.

Please share the raffle with your friends and family.  All the money raised go directly to Give Kids the World!

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2 Responses to Let’s Go Streaking!

  1. Paula Frey says:

    Good job, Megan!! I'm in, too! Will be so proud of you with your upcoming PR! Paula


  2. Megan says:

    Thanks Paula! I hope to see you when I blow my records out of the water.


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