June Goals

Here are my goals for June:

1. Run at least a mile every day. 

Got off to a good start today.  1.2 miles in 15:21 for a 12:47 pace.

2. Run a sub 12:30 mile at least once.

I really think this is possible.  I have been pushing myself on the days that I am only running a mile and I am slowly getting faster.

3. Swim at least once per week.

This is absolutely doable as long as the weather cooperates.  I picked up a new pair of goggle that are tinted since my pool is outdoors.  I don’t belong the the Y’s Aquatic Center anymore since it is about 40 minutes away.  Now if only I could find my swim cap.

4. Head out for a bike ride (assuming my tires are salvageable)

Mel wants me to do a triathlon with her and I need to either a) get new tires or b) get a new bike.  Tires would (probably) be the cheaper option.

5. Blog more

I really like it when I have the time to sit down and write and share my thoughts with you.  Sometimes I get disappointed with myself when I don’t get my workouts in and then I feel silly coming to you to write about how I’m not working out.  I’ve been gathering ideas for blog posts, so hopefully I can keep ’em coming!

6. Eat a salad at least twice per week.

I need more veggies in my life all together and by getting some more salads into my diet I think I’ll get the veggies and cut the calories.

7. Touch up my roots! 

I feel awesome when people guess my age and guess at least 10 years younger.  Unfortunately right now, my roots are showing.  They’re a giveaway to my true age! This will happen today.

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