Did YOU Run Yesterday?

Yesterday was National Running Day. Did you run? I did. I got in 1.55 miles in 20 minutes. I felt good about it too!

As I’ve said all along, my goal is to get faster. That is feasible for short distances, but of course I want that ‘speed’ to translate to a longer distance too. Yesterday’s run was intervals of 1:45/1 with my runs at 5.2 mph and my walks at 3.6 mph. I plan on keeping that interval for my 30+ minute runs for the next two weeks. 
I’ve been doing okay with the Runner’s World Run Streak too. I did miss Sunday and Monday though. I’ve decided to take today off too. My knees are sore and I think they need a break. My body isn’t used to running every day. I won’t take too much time off though. I plan on running again tomorrow and I hope to go for a run at Disney’s Old Key West resort this weekend!

And as my contribution to Under Armor Women’s What’s Beautiful campaign, here is a picture of a very sweaty me after a run this past week!  I’m not even sure that my camera can catch how sweaty I was.

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