June in Review

Let’s go over the bold goals that I set up for myself at the beginning of June

1. Run at least a mile every day. Grade: F

As I explained the other day, running every day was making my knees hurt.  Particularly my right knee.  My past two runs have been short.  Only 15 minutes for just over a mile and my knee was feeling okay during them.  I’m going to keep trying to run more frequently, but I don’t think the daily run will work for me right now.

2. Run a sub 12:30 mile at least once. Grade D-

Obviously, with the lack of running every day, this goal wasn’t achieved either. I did have a few miles that were sub 13:00.  My best was actually the day I posted my June Goals post!  I guess I gave myself reason to be optimistic that day.  That day I averaged a 12:47 pace.  I think this goal is doable and I may make it my end of summer goal.

3. Swim at least once per week. Grade: F

No real reason that this didn’t happen except for getting sick.  I plan on making this a priority for the rest of the summer.

4. Head out for a bike ride (assuming my tires are salvageable) Grade: F

I haven’t even touched my bike.  I’m thinking of convincing a friend or two to load up our bikes and go for a bike ride at Fort Wilderness.  I don’t think that will be a difficult thing to convince them of.

5. Blog more Grade: F

Being sick and injured was probably the main reason I wasn’t writing much.  I was also stressed about finances this month since my car needs an expensive repair.  The work is finally getting done and I should have my car back by the end of the week.  Hopefully.

6. Eat a salad at least twice per week. Grade: F

With money being tight this month, I made the rule that we were going to eat what is in the house.  I tried to really limit my grocery shopping.  That also meant limiting the veggies I purchased.  I’m starting this goal over today.

7. Touch up my roots! Grade: A+!!!

I’m actually glad that I am doing this review.  It gave me a reference as to when I touched up my roots.  I’m trying to do them about every six weeks.  At least now I know that I can wait a few more weeks before I do my next touch up.

I’ll post a July goals post soon!

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