I’m back!

I am so excited that I finally have internet in my home again.  I’m so excited because I have been blogging when I can from my phone, with my laptop at work or at friends’ places.  Money has been tight, but we finally decided to splurge and get the cheapest package that our cable company provides.  I promise I’ll be getting back in the swing of things.

I took a vacation out to California at the end of July and got to see all the changes that were made in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure and I can’t wait to share everything I saw there with you.  I just need to say that Cars Land is AMAZING!

I did wake up this morning to some disturbing news.  I was checking Facebook when I saw that a friend of mine shared a CNN article about a sinkhole in Central Florida.  He lives just a few miles away from me so I needed to check out the article.  It absolutely freaks me out that this sink hole is less than a mile from where I live. Take a look at this video from Central Florida 13.  Scary.

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