The Original – Disneyland

I’ve been to Disneyland a couple times before.  I was able to go again this summer too!  It was an awesome time.  I went with Rob, his brother and his brother’s girlfriend.  It was the first trip for all of them too!  Originally I had planned on trying to make it out to Disneyland for Rob’s birthday, but I wasn’t able to book a room for us until the end of July.  It worked out perfectly.  It was right in the middle of the anniversary of when we met and when we had our first date.  I declared it our first anniversary trip!

It was rough getting there due to mechanical difficulties.  We were delayed by three hours leaving Orlando and missed our connecting flight in Atlanta.  Thanks to Delta Assist (@deltaassist) we were confirmed on a 7am flight for the next morning.  Surprisingly though, when I got to booth in Atlanta to get the vouchers we would need to get food and a hotel, I found out that we were set up for stand-by on a flight that was leaving in 20 minutes for Los Angeles.  Of course it was in another terminal, but we rushed over there and got checked in and then had to wait until 5 minutes before the flight.  Luckily we got the last four seats on the plane!

After such an exhausting trip out to California, we were still able to get up and make it to the park shortly after opening.  I’m not going to make this into a full trip report but I’ll just share some of my favorite pictures from our first day out there.

Disney’s Grand Californian
Disneyland Train Station

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Haunted Mansion

Main Street USA – look how tired we were!


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